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Home Owners Responsibilities

As a home owner, you have obligations that are imposed both by the Act and your site agreement. As a resident under a site agreement you must:

  • only use the site as a home (place of residence)
  • only use the park’s common areas for the purpose associated with the home owner’s residential use of the site
  • pay your site rent and other charges payable by the home owner under the site agreement to the park owner
  • keep your manufactured home in a reasonable state of cleanliness, repair and make sure it is fit to live in
  • comply with the site agreement and all park rules for the residential park.

You Must Not:

  • use the site or common areas for illegal purposes, or allow guests or tenants to do so
  • rent your site to anyone unless the site agreement allows this, not even temporarily.
  • interfere with the peace, comfort and privacy of other park residents, or allow guests or tenants to do so
  • intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy the park’s communal facilities, or allow guests or tenants to do so
  • make any alteration to your home that is visible from the outside of the home, or make any addition to your home unless the park owner gives written consent.