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About MHOA Membership

Why Become a MHOA Member

Membership is available to all manufactured home owners living in residential parks and villages throughout Queensland.

Owners of a manufactured home are in a unique situation where you own your home but you are renting someone else’s land. The land owner has a huge influence over your living conditions and our goal is to help manufactured home owners protect their investment and lifestyle.

The Manufactured Home Owners Association is a non-profit, volunteer staffed organisation with members throughout Queensland and although we are spread far and wide there is a sense of community and care amongst our members.

MHOA has a voice which has been heard but we want to get as loud as possible so the sound of our voices will ensure that everyone recognises that we are united and powerful and will be listened to.

Membership fees are the only source of funding that MHOA receives and in these trying times it is more important than ever for manufactured home owners to band together to protect you interests and rights.

  • Are you an owner of a manufactured home?

  • Do you want a fair and affordable system of site rental?

  • Do you want to know exactly what you are paying for and get it?

  • Do you want secure and unlimited tenure?

  • Do you want to be treated with dignity by your park operator?

  • Do you want your home to be a readily saleable asset?

  • Do you want to pass your home onto your family as an asset?

  • Do you want someone to help you obtain the rights you are entitled to?

  • Do you need the money you could save?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then becoming a member of MHOA will be the right move for you and we can answer your questions and provide invaluable information.