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Nominations are now being sought for the next MHOA Management Committee which will be elected at the AGM due to be conducted on August 20.

Nominations may be made for the Executive positions of;
Nominations are also sought for up to 6 other Committee Members

The current Executive of Errol Way (President), Anne Bemi (Secretary) and David Hurley (Treasurer) have served on the Executive for many years and have all indicated that they will not nominate for Executive positions at this AGM, but will, if so elected, continue to serve as ordinary committee members.

In order to function as a viable organization, MHOA needs a President, Secretary and Treasurer……. So if you can help in those positions and have a wish to assist your fellow home park residents, please let us hear from you .

Nominations can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 932 Booval Fair 4304


The 2022 AGM has been set down for Friday August 20. Full details will be released soon, but  Members will be able to attend and vote by teleconference, or if unable to attend, they will be able to vote by ordinary post or by email, on the fees for the following year, future projects and their representatives on the new Management Committee.

All present Management Committee positions will be vacated, and we would like to hear from any Members interested in joining the administrative and decision-making arm of MHOA.