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The Act and Amendments

2017 Amendments To The Act

The Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Act 2017 (PDF, 1.3MB) was passed by Parliament on 25 October 2017 and assented to on 10 November 2017. It contains amendments to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 (the Act) (PDF, 975KB).

The changes to the Act will increase transparency in relationships between park owners and home owners, and increase security and confidence for home owners.

What Will Change

Residential parks will have:  

New behavioural standards that guide how park owners, their staff and home owners interact with each other. These standards will ensure respect for the rights and obligations of all parties and the quality of life of home owners.

The following changes will be implemented at a later date, to be advised. These changes will support home owners and prospective home owners.

  1. A new dispute resolution process will be implemented that aims to resolve disputes prior to a Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal hearing.
  2. A new pre-contractual disclosure process will introduce a 21-day waiting period to ensure prospective home owners have time to consider information provided by park owners. Prospective home owners will:
  3. receive documents in stages
  4. have time to shop around and seek expert legal and financial advice before they sign their contract
  5. sign a site agreement that contains a no-fault cooling-off period that may be used to terminate the agreement.
  6. The changes will allow one site rent increase per year. If there is to be an increase based on market review, a registered valuer must be used and home owners must be consulted. Site rent increases outside the terms of the site agreement will also be limited to:
  7. situations where there is a threat to park viability
  8. funding for new facilities if supported by 75% of home owners.
  9. Park owners will be prevented from charging home owners administrative or meter reading fees.


The Queensland Law Society keeps a list of solicitors with expertise in manufactured home parks.  See or phone 1300 367 752.